We are just back from New York went from Monday to Saturday. .Had an amazing time got to see Phantom of the Opera saw this at least four times in London but this was a totally different experience it was mind blowing. I never saw so many people constantly on the go eating while walking and running It is definitely the city that never sleeps.We are truly blessed here with our lifestyle, fresh air and fabulous food. .Enjoyed our break but so glad to be home.

Looking forward to a new week at work after my break. Time management is key for a work life balance at all times, very often my time management goes out the window i have to be very disiplined from now on a lot to do

I am studying Emotional Intelligence at present being aware of it myself first getting the balance right it is so important especially for coaching my clients and also everyone that I interact with on a daily basis. It is harder to identify and measure than IQ or experience, and certainly difficult to capture on a resume, the power of it cannot be denied.