Breeda Hurley is an excellent mentor – her inspirational, results-driven approach gets you where you want to be in life and career!

I reached out to Breeda Hurley when I wanted to progress my art career. I attended one of Breeda’s talks, “Confidence to Succeed,” and was touched by her warmth of spirit, honesty and vast experience in the business world. One of Breeda’s several gifts is her capacity to listen and in doing so she quickly discerned my strengths and weaknesses, and it was on this platform that Breeda helped me to set realistic, achievable goals to see my project to fruition. In essence, Breeda switched on my ‘confidence’ gene and gave me the self-belief that I needed to move forward. Her dedication is unwavering as she clearly wanted the very best for me. I cannot recommend Breeda enough as a business mentor, her generosity, wisdom and positive outlook are inspirational and unrivalled. Working with Breeda has been one of my best career decisions to date.

Susan Mills Animal Art