It is a long time since i enjoyed a day like today. I can honestly say everyone had a ball, being a Mystery Tour made it so exciting. First stop Ashes of Camp where we had drinks a cosy fire lovely lights on the ceiling like Christmas lights and finger food. On to the bus again we headed to Dingle. On our way we played  games, quizzes, spot prizes, prize for best costume  and of course a a nice few drinks to brighten their spirits. A surprise boat trip to see Fungi talk about excitement children would not get a look in. I myself was worse than any child. Fungi did not let us down in fact he kept us amused for a good 30 minutes, on the bus for more drinks we then headed to Inch beach where we had a Tug of War between the women and the men. The women won no joking back on the bus we finally went to the Anvil Bar a beautiful meal plenty of wine, they started singing and dancing and plenty of laughter. It was now 9 o clock. my day was almost down parted company with all of my staff. I was so happy that it was a great success, they all work so hard it was well going to them. Until the next Mystery Trip  bye bye